With a solid experience of more than twenty years to date, with more than 20,000 interventions on different operating systems Mainly under WINDOWS, I created DEFIPROXI, now 11 years ago, in order to put my skills to use. people and business service.
The origin of the company: I obtained my programmer analyst diploma after a year of continuous training at the AFPA center in Dunkirk in December 1999. This training allowed me to learn, among other things, the main programming languages such as C ++, JAVA, SQL SERVER and POWER BUILDER, but also system, network and software analysis. It was supplemented by internships in companies which were rich in technical education.

Graduated from BAC +2, I started with small missions in industrial companies in order to develop tailor-made computer programs and to write technical documentation on established programs. But the "IT operations" part interested me more and it allowed above all a permanent evolution of knowledge and technologies.
This is why, I turned to the world of computer systems and hardware by first practicing troubleshooting by phone with individuals and companies on SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS. This mission will last 4 months and will be rich in learning for me both technically and in terms of relationships.

But my big mission was MONACO at MECAPLAST. I was hired as a HELPDESK technician and I should be responsible for all 790 computers on the site network.
It was a job that required a great personal effort to respond first to meet the constraints of users quickly and to ensure efficiency on a daily basis. At the same time, a strategy had to be developed as quickly as possible to reduce the number of calls and interventions each year.

The whole network at that time was very heterogeneous, both in hardware and operating systems. The number of interventions in my first years was around 6000 requests per year. The origins were also very varied, network problems, system crashes, office training, software and hardware installations, backups, ....
Little by little, with the development of a solid implementation, the demands decreased from year to year. The development of statistics, the writing of monthly and annual reports, the analysis of request histories, user satisfaction audits, the writing of installation procedures, the implementation of degraded procedures depending on the different cases of '' interventions, strategies and purchasing choices for materials gradually reduced breakdowns and various requests by more than 50% in less than 3 years (10% per year over the following years). I also took care of a new implementation of backups and data outsourcing. This generated reliable securing of the group's data and substantial time savings.

At the same time, during all these years, I carried out various training courses to be always at the forefront of computer knowledge. These training sessions focused mainly on learning computer systems for workstations and servers (WINDOWS NT, 2000, XP, VISTA, SEVEN, SERVER 2008 and ACTIVE DIRECTORY), but also on messaging with LOTUS NOTES, office automation such as the PACK MICROSOFT OFFICE PRO, and on network architectures.

During these ten years, my daily tasks also allowed me to work on environments such as CITRIX, NOVELL, MAC OS and UNIX, to carry out environment migration work under ACTIVE DIRECTORY in several sites of the group mainly in FRANCE and to work in close collaboration with system administrators, networks and the CAD-CAD STUDY department.

Following the great financial crisis of 2008, I decided to leave and create my own troubleshooting and computer training company in 2009: DEFIPROXI (Troubleshooting and Local Computer Training).
DEFIPROXI was born from a rich experience and a broad knowledge of systems and software. It is also an alternative for all people in difficulty but also for companies with small budgets.
Today, DEFIPROXI is more than 950 customers located mainly in the Alpes Maritimes but also in MONACO and the Var. This is a turnover of more than 860,000 € / year with a constant evolution of 15% / year. It allows hardware repairs, systems and software at home and in businesses, training and appropriate initiations, the sale of equipment, diagnostics, various IT advice and help on all types of computer media. DEFIPROXI, it is also an incomparable relationship with its customers with a particular listening of the requests with solutions always adapted.